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UVA graduate programs:

Neuroscience Graduate Program

Graduate Program in Cognitive Psychology

Graduate Program in Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience

Other Cognitive Science graduate programs

The list below contains information from select schools in the U.S. only. For more schools and some programs outside the U.S., see the Other Links at the bottom of this page.




Univ. Alabama Behavioral Neuroscience Ph.D.
Bowling Green Behavioral Neuroscience &
Cognitive Sciences
Brown Univ.

Cognitive Science

Boston Univ. Cognitive & Neural Systems M.A./Ph.D.
Carnegie Mellon Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Neuroscience
Univ. Colorado Cognitive Science

Joint Ph.D.

Duke University Cognitive Neuroscience Ph.D./Certificate
George Mason Human Factor & Applied Cognition M.A./Ph.D.
Indiana Univ. Cognitive Science Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins Cognitive Science Ph.D.
Univ. Louisiana Cognitive Science Ph.D.
Univ. Maryland Neuroscience & Cognitive Science Ph.D.
MIT Brain & Cognitive Sciences Ph.D.
Michigan State Cognitive Science Specialization
Mississippi State Cognitive Science Ph.D.
New York University Center for Neural Science Ph.D.
Univ. Pennsylvania Cognitive Science Specializtion
Rensselaer Cognitive Science Ph.D.
Rochester Univ. Brain & Cognitive Sciences M.A./Ph.D.
Rutgers Univ. Cognitive Science Certificate
SUNY Buffalo Cognitive Science Ph.D. track
S. Illinois Univ. Brain & Cognitive Sciences Ph.D.
UCSD Cognitive Science Ph.D.
Vanderbilt Cognitive Science Ph.D.

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