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Adding a minor to the Cognitive Science major

When planning to add a minor to your course plan, please be aware that the College of Arts and Sciences does not allow sharing of any courses between its majors and minors at UVA. This rule primarily impacts students minoring in Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Computer Science since these are concentration areas within Cognitive Science. However, they can also impact Anthropology and Spanish minors since we have multiple approved courses in these subject areas as well. Cognitive Science students minoring in psychology, linguistics, philosophy, or computer science must concentrate in one of the other four areas of the major.

Majoring in COGS and Getting a Minor in CS:

If you wish to complete the CogSci program and also get a minor in CS, no courses may be shared between the CogSci major and the CS minor.  This means that students minoring in CS must take one additional upper-level CS course (or a CogSci-approved course outside the required CS minor courses) to fulfill the CogSci CS area requirement.  Cognitive Science students minoring in CS must concentrate in one of the other four areas outside of Computer Science: Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Linguistics, or Philosophy.

Other Minors offered within the Engineering School open to College Majors

The Technology and the Environment Minor is described here and the History and Technology and Science Minor information can be found here.