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Undergraduate Research Opportunities at UVA

Because Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary major--the research opportunities for our majors span across multiple schools and departments. Students participating in research labs or projects, report that it enriches and enhances their academic experience at UVA. You can get started by exploring some of the UVA Offices listed below.

Office Citizen Scholar Development

Topics Explored Include:

  • Intangible benefits of research
  • Preparing for research
  • Finding research opportunities
  • Emailing potential faculty mentors

USOAR Porgram

The UVA Undergraduate Student Opportunities in Academic Research (USOAR) program targets rising first-year, second-year, and transfer undergraduate students who qualify for Federal Work Study and do not have previous significant experience in research*. USOAR introduces students to the enriching experiences surrounding research and provides them with the chance to build strong relationships with faculty through a paid research position. Students apply for a research position with a particular faculty member who will oversee their progress throughout the course of the year. Students will spend 5-10 hours per week working with their faculty supervisor in research-related tasks or projects during the fall and spring semesters. USOAR offers research opportunities from faculty representing all of the schools and colleges at UVA.

UVA Summer Programs

This webpage is intended for students interested or participating in summer research programs hosted by the University of Virginia. Each program is unique, and students are encouraged to learn more about the programs by following the links on the page to their respective websites.  Applications to these programs are competitive, and many have early spring deadlines. We encourage interested students to explore these pages sooner, rather than later.

One Summer Program that several COGS majors have participated in is SRIP (Summer Research Internship Program) in UVA School of Medicine. Information about this particular program can be found here.