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Transfer Credit

For the Cognitive Science major, transfer credit from another institution can only be used to satisfy the COGS Math requirement and will not count toward your thirty major hours. You must make sure you meet the College of Arts and Science's criteria mapped out in their guidelines on the Request for Transfer of Credit Form found here. If you are eligible, you must then check the transfer credit database and determine if the equivalent course you plan to take is listed. If it is, enter the U.Va. equivalent on the form below the host institution information before submitting it to for program approval.  If the institution is not in the database, you will need to attach a description of the course, the total number of hours, and a syllabi (if available) before submitting it to the program for approval. Once a decision has been made, the program coordinator will email you the decision and if approved--submit it directly to the College transfer credit evaluator.

Education Abroad Credit

Education Abroad classes will only count as Cognitive Science elective credit and will not fulfill area requirements unless they are direct credit programs with UVA. More information about Education Abroad and gaining COGS credit can be found here.

Research Credit

COGS 3960: Cognitive Science Research may be taken any semester for independent research. Although participation in research is encouraged, research course credit does not count toward fulfilling the requirement of 30 credit hours for the major. For research opportunities in related fields, please look at the Research & DMP page.