Frequently Approved Courses

The following are some of the courses that have been approved for Cognitive Science majors. This should not be thought of as an exhaustive list. These courses may or may not be offered each semester. Please note that even if a course was approved in the past it does not guarantee that the same course will be approved for current or future semesters. Please check the Current Approved Courses page to see which courses are approved for the current or upcoming semester. These approved courses change each semester and are posted as soon as CogSci is notified by each area department. Please contact the Program Director if you have any questions about past or current courses.

Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 2005 Research Methods and Data Analysis I
PSYC 2100 Introduction to Learning and Behavior
PSYC 2150 Introduction to Cognition
PSYC 2300 Introduction to Perception
PSYC 2301 Introduction to Perception Lab
PSYC 3006 Research Methods and Data Analysis II
PSYC 3430 Psychology of Aging
PSYC 4110 Psycholinguistics
PSYC 4120 Psychology of Reading
PSYC 4125 Psychology of Language Comprehension
PSYC 4290 Memory Distortions
PSYC 4499 Psychology and Law: Cognitive and Social Issues
PSYC 4500-6 Acquisition of Syntax in Language Development
PSYC 5160 Emotion and Cognition
PSYC 5310 Developmental Psycholinguistics
PSYC 5328 Cognitive Aging
EDHS 4300:  Psycholinguistics and Communication 
*Note:  PSYC 4300 may be used to fulfill either the Cognitive Psychology or the Linguistics area requirement, but not both. Either PSYC 4110: Psycholinguistics (Loncke) or EDHS 4300: Psycholinguistics and Communication (Loncke) may be taken for credit, but not both.

Computer Science

All CS courses EXCEPT CS 1010 and CS 1020.
EC 2066 counts for credit but does not fill CS area requirement.

Courses typically taken include:

CS 1110: Introduction to Programming
CS 1120: Introduction to Computing: Explorations in Language, Logic, and Machines
CS 2102: Discrete Mathematics


ANTH 2400    Language and Culture
ANTH 2410    Sociolinguistics
ANTH 2430    Languages of the World
ANTH 2559    New Course in Anthropology: Language in Human Evolution
ANTH 3450    Native American Languages
ANTH 3480    Language and Prehistory
ANTH 3490    Language and Thought
ANTH 3541    Topics in Linguistics
                        African Languages
ANTH 4420    Theories of Language
ANTH 5401    Linguistic Field Methods
ANTH 5410    Phonology
ANTH 5440    Morphology
ANTH 5475    Multimodal Interaction
ANTH 5541    Topics in Linguistics
                        Language Socialization
                        Pidgins and Creoles
                        Nouns and Their Trappings
                        Discourse Prosody
ANTH 5559     Language Contact
CLAS 3300     Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics
CLAS 3350     Language and Literature of the Early Celts
EDHS 4030    Speech and Hearing Science
EDHS 4300    Psycholinguistics and Communication
ENLS 3030     History of the English Language
FREN 3030    Phonetics
LING 3400     Structure of English
LNGS 2220     Black English
LNGS 2240     Southern English
LNGS 3250     Introduction to Linguistic Theory
LNGS 5000     Linguistic Principles in Language Pedagogy
PSYC 4110     Psycholinguistics
PSYC 4111     Language Development and Disorders
PSYC 4120     Psychology of Reading
PSYC 5310     Developmental Psycholinguistics
PSYC 5355     Neurobiology of Speech and Language
RUSS 5030     Advanced Russian Grammar: Phonology and Morphology
RUSS 5032     Advanced Russian Grammar: Syntax
SPAN 3000     Phonetics
SPAN 3200     Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 4200     History of the Language
SPAN 4210     History of the Spanish Language II
SPAN 4201     Hispanic Dialectology and Bilingualism
SPAN 4202     Hispanic Sociolinguistics
SPAN 4203     Structure of Spanish
SPAN 4530     Second Language Acquisition     


PSYC 2200 A Survey of the Neural Basis of Behavior
PSYC 2210 Animal Minds
PSYC 3210 Psychobiology Lab
PSYC 4200 Neural Mechanisms of Behavior*
PSYC 4250 Brain Systems Involved in Memory
PSYC 4255: Behavioral Epigenetics
PSYC 4500-2 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
PSYC 5200 Seminar in Psychobiology
PSYC 5220 Critical Period Plasticity
PSYC 5265:  Functional Neuroanatomy
PSYC 5500-4 Neuroplasticity andPerception/Cognition/Behavior
BIOL 3050 (previously 3170) Introduction to Neurobiology*
BIOL 4080 Neuronal Organization of Behavior
BIOL 4270 Animal Behavior Laboratory
BIOL 4330 Wiring the Brain
BME 3636 Neural Network Models of Cognition and Brain Computation
* Students may count PSYC 4200 OR BIOL 3050 (previously 3170) towards the major, but NOT both.


PHIL 2420 Introduction to Symbolic Logic
PHIL 3330 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 5420 Symbolic Logic (Advanced)