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Exploring Research Labs

COGS students should look for faculty who conduct basic research in areas of Cognitive Science that are of particular interest.  Once a student has identified a list of possible research mentors/labs, they should send an email to each one (or to the lab coordinator) inquiring about research opportunities.  This email should contain information about the student, including: the student's year at UVA, current accomplishments in COGS classes, reasons for the student's interest in performing research, what it is about this lab’s research that is of interest, and whether the student has relevant course and/or research experience. A copy of the student's transcript may also be attached. We also suggest you read a paper or two from the lab in your area of interest and perhaps point to specific topics researched.

To find labs of interest, browse the list of Psychology Department labs. Other opportunities may be found in:

  • Biology Department labs
  • Neuroscience Program affiliated labs

COGS research is generally under the following topics:

  • Developmental Themes
  • Neuroscience Themes
  • Perception and Cognition Themes