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What transfer credits can I use for the COGS major at UVA?

We only accept transfer or test credit for the COGS math requirement. UVA course equivalents or AP credit for MATH 1310 (or above), MATH 1220, or APMA 1090 (or higher) fulfill the COGS math requirement. These credits fulfill the requirement but will not count toward the 30 degree hours and will appear on your UVA transcript.

How can I check to see if the courses I took (or am planning to take) at my current institution are equivalent to UVA courses?

The Transfer Credit Analyzer located on the College of Arts and Sciences is a good starting point to see how courses may transfer into UVA. The link to that can be found at: 

Can I declare the COGS major after being accepted to UVA?

Transfer students are accepted into a school at UVA and for you that would be the College of Arts and Sciences.  All majors at UVA have pre-requisite courses students must complete before declaring. For the Cognitive Science major, all students must take two approved COGS courses in two different areas at UVA and receive a grade of C+ or higher before they can declare.  For third year transfer students, this means if they start in the fall they can declare in January. You can declare in August if you successfully complete the two pre-requisites during summer session prior to enrolling in the fall. The majority of third year transfer students will need to defer until they complete the pre-requisites.

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As a third-year transfer student do I have enough time to complete the major and graduate on time?

YES! The COGS major basically consists of ten courses (30 credit hours). You must take and successfully complete ten courses at UVA to meet major requirements. Generally this means taking two your first term, three for two terms, and two for your final term. For more in-depth information on requirements go to “About the Major.”