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Are you interested in learning more about the Distinguished Major Program for the Cognitive Science Major? Join Dr. Per Sederberg on Tues. Feb. 21 at 4pm in Gilmer Academic Commons to learn all about the DMP program for COGS!

SIS Academic Requirements Reports and updates to SIS accounts

If you have declared the COGS major you will have a academic report in SIS that shows all major requirements and if they have been fulfilled or not. COGS major SIS accounts will not show new, topical, or COGS approved courses that are not in the Record (catalog). If you have taken a new, topical, or course that is listed on the website under approved courses but not in the current Record--they must be entered individually by the program coordinator. If you are a first, second, or third year currently enrolled for SP 23 in one of these classes--SIS will not be updated until your grade is received.

If you need updates, please email with needed updates and include:

1) Year of graduation and number/name/ and term you took the class

2) Where you think it should be populating in your AR (i.e. philosophy/psychology/linguistics/neuroscience/computer science core or concentration or elective)

Don't know how to see your AR?   Here is a link to the instructions from ITS for viewing/interpreting your SIS AR.

Requesting COGS meetings for information, course selection, or declaration assistance

The program coordinator will be meeting via Zoom with students through Fri. March 3rd. Please reach out to and indicate when and what times you are available to meet and she will contact you with an appointment or drop in hours matching your availability.

Declaring the major?   Here is a link to the course plan form you will fill out prior to completing the official form.