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If you are interested in studying abroad, you should begin by reviewing the Education Abroad website “getting started” page to learn about the process. The multitude of options UVA offers to its students that is found here.

In general, courses taken abroad will count as Cognitive Science elective credit and will not fulfill area requirements unless the program is designated as “direct credit.” This designation means that classes will transfer into UVA like they do if they were taken on grounds. COGS majors are limited to two education abroad courses which usually translate into 6-8 hours of transfer credit. Use our five area approved courses on the COGS website (neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and computer science) as subject guidelines for choosing study abroad courses. Course titles from programs abroad recently approved are listed here.

All study abroad courses are ultimately approved by our Director of Undergraduate studies.

The process for seeking approval for COGS credit is:

  1. Indicate what type of program you are planning to apply to and indicate what type of credit the program offers. If they are direct credit—you should list not only the education abroad prefix and number—but also the UVA one. Be sure and check that the UVA equivalent course is approved for COGS. We recommend that students select 3-4 course options for approval since the courses offered may change.
  2. Submit the course numbers, titles, descriptions, and syllabi links to that you would like to have reviewed.
  3. After courses are reviewed and you have been notified of the approvals, email your completed College of Arts and Sciences Study Abroad Transfer Credit Approval Form to Once approved, you will be emailed, and the signed form attached so it can be submitted for final approval.