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Declaring the Cognitive Science Major

Before you declare the COGS major you must have completed at least two graded approved cognitive science classes from two different areas. You must receive a C+ or above in the two pre-requisite classes (grade of CR is accepted for approved courses taken Fall 2022 or during COVID grading terms of Spring 2020-Summer 2021) Grades must be showing on your transcript. Declarations for Spring 2023 graduation date are now closed.

NOTE: For the Cognitive Science Major, it is not required that you meet with someone before declaring the major even though the College and DocuSign website form suggests otherwise. If you have questions or are uncertain of the accuracy of your COGS course plan--please reach out to and we will assist you. If not--move forward with the process.

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Sign up for notifications regarding the major

Join "cogsci-major" listserv. Students are welcome to join the list before they declare.

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Complete the Cognitive Science Major Planning Form 

Follow the instructions below and Complete the Cognitive Science Course form found here.

  1. On the form, include your pre-requisite classes in the lower sections of the course form as well as the initial pre-requisite section. Qualifying pre-requiste classes should have a grade of C + or above but there are pandemic exceptions found here.
  2. Include in the course plan only courses completed at UVA and ones where you have a C or above since any grade below that will not count for the major. No transfer or test credit can be used for major requirements, except for the math requirement. 
  3. If you have test or transfer credit for the math requirement--MATH 1220, MATH 1310 or higher or if in Engineering APMA 1090 or higher--those fulfill the COGS math requirement but should be listed as 0 hours. You will need to add a fourth elective from any area of approved COGS classes if using test or transfer credit for this requirement. If you have or plan to fulfill the math requirement at UVA, the hours taken at UVA can be counted toward the 30.
  4. Choose one of the five areas as your COGS concentration and select two upper level classes to fulfill the requirement. If you are  pursuing the Computer Science Concentration, go to the forms page here and click on the Computer Science Concentration Form. You must fill out the CS concentration form and have it reviewed and approved by Dr John Hott before submitting your declaration
  5. Project your remaining courses till they total 10 taken at UVA from the approved or frequently approved course lists.
  6. When complete, save your major form and dowload a copy of your unofficial transcript since you will be attaching both to the College’s DocuSign form. Please title your file names with your last and first name: 
    1. Lastname-Firstname-COGSmajorPlan.pdf
    2. Lastname-Firstname-Transcript.pdf
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Officially Declaring the Major Electronically Via DocuSign-Form found on the College of Arts and Sciences Website

  1. Prospective majors must submit the electronic DocuSign declaration form found on the College of Arts and Sciences Website under the “Forms” tab to officially declare. 
  2. The cognitive science declaration guide outlines how to do DocuSign step by step with visual cues. Here is a brief synopsis:
    • Go to the College of Arts and Sciences website, click on College at top of web page and then the forms tab. Scroll down to the orange highlighted form title "Declaration of Major and Minor Form (DocuSign) and double click on it.
    • This takes you to the DocuSign PowerForm web page. You must double click on blue link at the top of the PowerForm webpage. Below is a picture that highlights the link in yellow:
      PowerForm Envelope Example
    • This link takes you to the PowerForm web page. You fill out your name and email in the Student section and in the Declaration of Major Contact (DMC) section enter: Debra McLafferty  email:
    • Complete the red highlighted fields of the Declaration of Major Form.  DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR CONCENTRATION BESIDE COGNITIVE SCIENCE IN THE INTENDED MAJOR FIELD. IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE  YOUR CONCENTRATION--IT WILL BE REJECTED AND YOU WILL HAVE TO REDO IT AND RESUBMIT THE FORM.  It is not possible for the Department or College to process your form so it shows in SIS if you do not specify your concentration.There is no need to list all ten classes on the form if you attach your COGS course plan. You should also attach an unofficial transcript since that is critical to the process.
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Check SIS Academic Requirements after 10 Days

After 10 days of submitting your form, your major and advisor should show up in SIS below your general education requirements. If 10 days have passed, and you are not notified via DocuSign that your form has been processed and you have checked SIS and don't see your major, please email to let me know, so the coordinator can check the status of your declaration form.