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Deferring the COGS Major

If you are starting your fifth semester at UVA in the College of Arts and Sciences and need to complete one or both of the two pre-requisite approved courses in two different areas during Fall 2023--you need to complete the deferral of declaration form. This form also needs to be completed by incoming third year transfer students wanting to complete the Cognitive Science major. Deferrals should be submitted no later than September 15th so you will not have problems enrolling in Spring classes. If you have not deferred (or declared) before enrollment-you will be penalized and given the latest enrollment time.

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Join "cogsci-major" listserv. Students are welcome to join the list before they declare.

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Guidelines for Deferring

1) Deferring the major is done online via DocuSign and is located on the College of Arts and Sciences website under the forms tab. Deferral forms will take longer to process since your course of study not only is reviewed/approved by the COGS program, but also by your Association Dean and the College.

2) The deferral of major form requires you to list the ten COGS courses that you plan to take to complete the major. Because you have to list the numbers of classes and terms you are taking them, you should complete the COGS Course Plan Form first.

Defer Declaring Step 1: Complete Cognitive Science Course Plan (This is needed for filling out the deferral form course of study) 

  1. Open and Download the Cognitive Science Course Plan document.
  2. Decide on one concentration area- Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Philosophy, or Linguistics.
  3. Determine if you have fulfilled the COGS Math requirement. MATH 1310 (Calculus I or higher) or MATH 1220 (Applied Calculus ll) or APMA 1090 (Single Variable Calculus I or higher in Engineering School) If you have transfer or test credit for any of these courses -- the course can fulfill the requirement but will not count toward your 30 program hours. If you take or plan to take MATH 1310 or MATH 1220 at UVA, it will count toward your 30 program hours. However, per math department regulations, you can only take one Calculus class at UVA and get credit. Here is the link to UVA Math Department "Placement in Math Courses" webpage which includes their one course credit rule for College majors.
  4. Download and review your unofficial transcript from SIS to assist in completing the form since you will need titles, numbers and semesters taken.
  5. Fill in the “Prerequisite Courses” portion of the form that you are enrolled in or hope to take. Copy your two prerequisite courses into the “Requirements” section or “Concentration” section if applicable. If you are concentrating in LINGS/PHIL/CS upper level courses are 3000+. If you are concentrating in PSYC or NEURO; upper level courses are 4000+
  6. Add any additional approved courses to the worksheet you have completed. This can include the math requirement, electives, or COGS approved course where you received a “C.” Any grade below a “C” will not be counted for the program. Fill in the other courses that you would like to take to satisfy all major requirements. The courses you list that you have not yet taken or are enrolled in are simply your “best guesses” about the courses you will likely take.  These guesses are not binding and courses can be rearranged or substituted as necessary or desired in the future.
  7. When finished, save your course form and your SIS unofficial transcripts as PDF documents. You will eventually attach these forms to the DocuSign Form. Please title your filemnames with your Last and First name, for example
    1. Lastname-Firstname-COGSCoursePlan.pdf
    2. Lastname-Firstname-Transcript.pdf
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Defer Declaring Step 2: Log into the College forms site and complete "Powerform" envelope

  1. Click HERE to go to the College's forms page
  2. Select the "Defer Declaring a Major Form (DocuSign)" in the left in orange type
  3. Click on the blue link at the top of the page
  5. In the "Powerfrom Signer Information" section you will enter your name and email
  6. For the Major Contact :

Name: Eric Dynarski


Once you have entered the name and email for yourself and the Department Major Contact, click "Begin Signing" at the bottom of the PowerForm. This will lead you to the official form.

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Defer Declaring Step 3: DocuSign Form Instructions for Completion

  1. You will complete the required fields in red on the DocuSign form
  2. I hereby request permission to defer declaring a major in:  Cognitive Science
  3. Reason for requesting the deferral: need to complete pre-requisite courses
  4.  I will be able to declare the major by this date:
    1. If fall term: January
    2. If spring term: May
  5. Where it says "List each course you plan to complete for the major BEFORE requesting the signatures below. Use your COGS course plan list the ten courses you plan to take at UVA to complete major requirements.
  6. Sign the form
  7. Attach an unofficial transcript.
  8. Click the "Finish" button. The forms will be routed to the Undergraduate Coordinator for Cognitive Science for Review. You will be contacted via email if anything else is needed.

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at